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Contest: Design the IFBC 4 event

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Event Coordinator
Community Manager

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

We plan to organize the next International Fort Battle Championship in 2024, and this season will be so special - because YOU can design the whole event!

We are looking forward a whole IFBC suggestion, please read carefully the guide on how to submit your suggestion in order for your submission to be valid!

Section A. For a valid entry your submission must contain:
  1. The structure of the Championship
    • how battles will be organized
    • point system
    • estimated duration/timetable of the event - suggest estimated dates for the schedule (earliest starting date 1st of March 2024)
    • fort size/type
  2. World bonuses:
    • Money from jobs:
    • Experience points from jobs:
    • Luck at jobs:
    • Drop chance:
    • Speed:
    • Energy regeneration:
    • Health regeneration:
    • Work motivation:
    • Duel motivation:
    • Duel damage:
    • Labor points:
      100% is the basic value. Lower values are not accepted.
  3. World settings
    • Premium settings (can be Active or Inactive):
      • Automation:
      • Character Bonus:
      • Higher income:
      • More energy:
      • Higher speed:
      • Cash deposit:
      • Refill energy:
      • Product purchase:
      • Complete job instantly:
      • Halfway traveling time:
      • Travelling merchant change offer:
      • Immediate delivery (sell and buy):
      • Item upgrade:
      • Purchase skill and attribute points:
      • Placate Shaman:
    • Bank transfer: (Active or Inactive)
    • Towns can be left: (Yes or No)
    • Trading: (Worldwide, Only Towns, Disabled totally (enforced by event rules))
    • Travelling fair: (Active or Inactive; if Active: pre-built or not-built and duration)
    • Cancel duel protection: (in hours, min. 1)
    • Duel protection expires: (in hours, min. 2)
    • Events / Community events during the IFBC: (Active or Inactive)
  4. Shop items and prices
    • What items to have in SHOP (only items currently available there or previously available at a sale is possible, if you need a specific chest or buff we can add it, but not singular set items)
    • Can be bought with: Nuggets/Bonds/Dollars
    • Discount (if any)
  5. Starting items
    • You can use any sets, buffs which were obtainable in-game at any point (even if currently is not). However, please make it balanced! Do not make the server a sandbox of trying all premium sets.
    • In case you want characters on higher levels to start, we can add XP potions to starting chests. We can create a potion which gives enough XP to max. level, so just let us know on which level should the battles happen.
  6. Event rules
    • Create the rules which define your event.
  7. Winners and rewards
    • Use any currently available items, bonds, nuggets (Do not worry about the amount, we will change it if we need to add more to it or take some out)
    • We can create new set, please mention the exact suggestion for the set (optional: name, graphics idea, bonuses).
    • Character titles can be created
    • Participation reward can be created
  8. Important:
    • Submission should be in English.
    • We expect the submission to be sent in a form that is ready to be used without major changes!
    • We expect the submission to be sent in with the appropriate font formatting (BB codes) and page layout!
    • Not following these direction will result in an invalid submission.
    • In order to create a valid submission please use the consultation possibility mentioned in Section C.

Section B. Submission details:

Sandbox: Get your idea approved!
  • You can use this section of the forum to design your idea. Please create only one thread, where you can modify your messages as many times as you wish, you can post as many new posts as you wish.
  • Only you and persons from the west team who organize this contest can see your posts.
  • Before submitting your final event announcement/idea, we recommend you to submit it here. You have to contact us on support to review it. We will not check otherwise this forum.
  • Submission here do not take part in the contests and are purely created as a sandbox for you.
Submit your event idea!
  • You must submit your final event announcement/idea here: Submit your event idea!
  • A player may submit only one entry. In case of more entries the first will be only considered.
  • Submissions cannot be modified.
  • Submissions are private during the contest, so only you and our team can view them.
  • Deadline: 2023-12-23 23:59
  • General contest rules apply.
After submission:
  • All the submission will be reviewed by The West Team. In case they meet all the criteria from Section A. they will be considered and the best 3 will be chosen internally by our team.
  • Voting between the best 3 suggestions will begin latest on 2024-01-14.
  • Voting will last for 14 days. At the end of the voting the winner idea will get implemented.
  • We will advertise the voting in all markets.

Section C. Consultation with us
  • In order to ensure that your submission is valid you can contact us on support or via e-mail at west-ts@support.innogames.com and discuss with us your event idea. You can ask any questions and submit the draft (or the full) event announcement and we will assist you preparing it in form which will result in a valid submission.
  • Please be advised that due to the possible larger inquires expect at least a 72 hours response time for your request.
  • You should create only one ticket in this matter. Please use that for all contest related questions.
  • Do not leave your questions for the last 3 days of the contest, as is very likely we are not going to be able to assist you in a timely manner.
  • We strongly advice you to use this option, as this is the only way to ensure you submit a valid entry.

Section D. Prizes for the contest:
  • Category 1 - The winner idea: 1000 Nuggets + The winner set of the event
  • Category 2 - The best 3 ideas: 2000 Nuggets + IFBC 4 Planner Medal + In-Game Achievement
    In case you win also Category 1, you get rewards for both Category 1 and 2.
  • Category 3 - Every valid entries (except the 3 best ideas): 200 Bonds + IFBC 4 Planner Medal + In-Game Achievement
    A valid submission must meet all the criteria from Section A.
    This achievement can be obtained only by participating in this contest with a valid entry.
    Prizes can be asked on any market.

Section E. Credits
  • Creating an event may be time consuming and team work can create better results, so you can mention a max. of 4 additional players who helped you with the event idea.
  • The event idea should be submitted only by one person.
  • In case of Consultation with us as of Section C, only one person should contact us.
  • A player may be mentioned at credits only for one submission. In case it is mentioned for more, we will considered only for the first submission.
  • All players mentioned should be mentioned under the name which they use on https://www.events.the-west.net/. All mentions should have an account here.
  • In case you mention credits, the Nugget prizes will be divided between all players. The winner set of the event + IFBC 4 Planner Medal + In-Game Achievement will be granted for everyone.
  • Example: In case of 3 players for the Category 2, the total prize will be 1000 Nuggets and everyone therefore will receive 333 Nuggets if dived equally.
  • Exception: If players agree between themselves, they can dived the prizes between them as they wish. In this situation after winners are announced, all persons who worked on the idea should submit a ticket with the same prize distribution information.

There is no possibility to ask questions here publicly, because we do not want our contestants to disclose their ideas to others, so everyone can come up with their original idea. Questions can be asked through support system!

We are looking forward to hear from you soon!

Your The West Team


Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Currently you cannot create new accounts, as there is no running event.

If you do not have an account, please send as an e-mail to west-ts@support.innogames.com and we create your registration. Please send us also your suggested nickname.

Also, we have updated the announcement, everyone can win the participation reward!


Event Coordinator
Community Manager
The voting is delayed a bit, we are still processing the submissions internally. We will announce it as soon as possible.

Thank you for the understanding!
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