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Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback


Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Nice stuff! Thanks a lot!

Could u give some Booby Traps & Viewfinders too? Since, by looking at the 14 days x2 Vip, u intend to test for a whole month? :p

And.. can we request other sets too? Like, Zapata clothing & Station manager sets, as well as Phoebe Mosey?
(Basically all the recent/up-to-date FF sets to test various Builds, including "Full Resistance")

I would ask Nugget sets too but I tend to believe that "Management" doesn't wanna involve those here, which, totally understandable.
But Union Officer is way too powerful still and we can't ignore it :rolleyes:
Thank you for your feedback! We will soon give more sets and buffs.

Deleted User - 6799

I just noticed my mistake..

Set's Resistance bonus isn't being multiplied with this new formula.. FFS.
I guess Diggo thinks that all Tank sets giving tons of Hp and have almost equal Traps & Hiding..

Or to equal the bonuses one must have 5k Hp or something, as a "Tank" ?
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Well I have posted in the Beta forum...But in a nutshell Resistance goes UP about 75-85 which is still NOT enough comparing to the average increase of 200-300 Damage per shot of the "tanky" builds.

Deleted User - 6799

But in a nutshell Resistance goes UP about 75-85
^ And thats with 5-10K something Hp Soldier "Tank" I reckon. With its extra 5 resist from Class bonus :p
Rip Non-Soldiers. Well, rip Soldiers too apparently.

Also losing some Defense (Dodge chance) apparently.
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well, as a duellist with good build, TOTAL | Hit count : 9 | Missed shots : 23 seems the hit chance has been quite nerfed :D

Deleted User - 6799


So.. we misunderstood the Distance penalty or... there was some change on (lowest) Dodge chance of RNG code?
Also.. Distance effects the Damage or not?

Deleted User - 6799

And yet, Tanks die with 30-35 shots in Avg.
100 dodge don't mean more than surviving 2-3 rounds on point at best.

I think we are going in the wrong direction..

So the same questions still stand:
> Why Sector Damage is multiplied but Resistance isn't, although it's an individual bonus unlike the former.
> Why there is no Sector Resistance?
> Don't you realise that Damage formula is easily manipulable with Weapon upgrades (apart from other items), while you can't do any such thing with Resistance?
For; 1st, Hp kills it, 2nd, there is no Resistance item that we can upgrade with 40-50 resist let alone 400-500 value, and 3rd, Resistance isn't multiplied.
> Shouldnt you be increasing Hp penalty of Dmg formula?

And an extra,
Will the Set & Item bonuses (at least Hiding and Traps) of recent FF sets be balanced?
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Deleted User - 6799

Tower points mostly take about 50 shoots per round in a filled fort scenario unless the Attackers are dumb and don't focus fire.
Don't see how they are surviving longer than they are on (normal servers) now..

Any higher Hp than 10-15K isn't viable in many ways so expect lots of "Tanks" with 1.5-1.6 damage multiplier. Or even more if they wear Damager gear.
So far there are still waaaay too many people who still didn't get the idea and go with 25K+ Hp ex-Builds or Damagers with Full LS + Charisma.

See when they change..
The few 30 is due to the still overpowered Damage Formula...hopefully will get fixed.
Few? Doesn't seem like it.
And I don't really see it happening.. Next changes seem to be "high ground" related.


Yeah I hope that guy gets banned, and we get the same mechanic Beta world has for stopping multi-battles on a testing world.

This also blocks the forts from being dug again for 2 days, so maybe admins can spread those battles out over a couple of days or something.
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Deleted User - 340

I don't know if the distance penalty suppose to work like this, but it does nerf a lot the hit ratio. I was on my tower almost half of the battle ( 200 bonus hit) and i did less hits compare to when i was in the grass hitting people with 0 bonus from the fort. On my tower i had 8-20 and i finished outside of the fort 22-27 .

Thats obviously a big buff to the Attackers. I hope Fort buffs are on the way .
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Deleted User - 6799

Meanwhile I'm happy to see 170 dodge on a Soldier but how often does that happen?
But 1590 Hp duelers dodging 20-30 times etc.. wth?

Something feels very off indeed. A bug on Distance penalty code?

Deleted User - 340

Meanwhile I'm happy to see 170 dodge on a Soldier but how often does that happen?

Tha happend today with 10 soldiers. 160+ shots to kill them. Thats unhealth to. I can accept 100-120 shots to kill someone once in a while but 200 on 10 people is waaaay to much :p

Deleted User - 6799

It's not unhealthy ffs.
100-120 is too low to justify staying on Towers as Defenders.. Thats max 2-3 rounds still. (Besides, thats Soldier.. Good luck to Workers and Adventurers :p)
Aren't you guys tired already of bailing as soon as Attackers come into LoS? (Unless you are happy to be slaughtered)

I just don't see Distance thingy working as intended atm. Other than that Tank Damages are way too high still compared to Resists.
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