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Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

open your mind

i like the changes in structure bonuses, they were too much before

it's still unclear what you want to do with the damage formula, because the new one can't be implemented like this; i think the damage should go down seriously when your hp go up, and that's not the case with the new damage formula

Deleted User - 6799

they were too much before
Did you check new values via Maneuvers? :p

Attack/Hit ratios were too much, Dodges not so much.
But now all back to square 1, aka what they are in Normal servers. Only very slightly better, but still meh.

Are we ever gonna see Resist & Dodge (not 0 hp) Tank builds being viable against "Full Hp all the way" ones?!
Well, definitely not like this.
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Deleted User - 6799

Okay, well, it seems Defenders' hit ratios still a little bit too high but now they don't Dodge and/or Survive long enough ..

Saying again, lower the Attack (Hit chance) bonuses, slightly increase the Defense (Dodge chance) bonuses, then lower the Class bonuses a little bit, of Towers.
But now that you halved the bonuses, just do the 2nd and 3rd part, I guess.

Flag penalties feels fine now but other "structures" should be buffed in different ways..

Then put them on normal servers while we are testing the Formulas & Other changes here.
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Deleted User - 6799

Here, a bonus post. 1.3k average Damage with +0 Union & 190 Attack on ground, ez pz.

Upgrade it, Use 100-100 Damage buff (I used Viewfinder 50-70), then consider the normal servers with much more total Sp & Ap , you be reaching 1.5k+ & even higher Hit ratios no sweat. (I mean, I had even seen 1.7k+ Damage per shot many times there.. Or.. https://prnt.sc/tdfjdb lul.)

Whereas, +2 Murrieta/Mosey will barely see 1.1k+ on their own (aka no Union sector)


> Now, of course, new formulas doesn't allow such high Damage, but they allow some other things like "very High Hp (like 18k) + Union and/or Golden Mount set" with quite absurd Average Damage like 1.2k.

Oh, be my guest to add in El-Gringo Weapons to the mix for even more if you like.. Even better survivability is another bonus, of course.

I mean.. now that we have 6x Union sets here in total, might as well try those extreme situations with new formulas..

Ps. Let's not forget the "planned" Higher Level Cap that, as always, boosts all those Damages even further.
(Apart from Weapons, Golden mount set's Resist & Damage bonuses Level Based too anyhow)

Ps nr.2 Distance penalty should be Stat based too methinks. Which will hopefully mitigate the "killing off" effect to the Low-Levels, while still being relevant for High/Max Levels with very High Stats.
Reverse logic of how New Structure bonuses are coded. Which actually "rewards" the people who knows how to play, rather than people with "high stats only"
But of course as usual, "high stats" + "knowing how to play" will always be some steps ahead, as it should.
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Deleted User - 297

Hi guys,

My opinion is that, everyone like to do damage, everyone like to dodge the shots, you cannot have both!!!

Need to pick a tower bonus, whatever it is
Get the new formula up and running, because finally no need to be skinny to have high damage that means more HP to shoot at, and tanks if they can damage, they wont worry about no dodge as much!!!

And the higher tower bonuses means it will be more difficult to conquer a fort, but on the other hand will be easier to get hold of it... I personally prefer the higher tower bonuses... not crazy high ones, but reasonable... higher then it is now...

The only thing I think is need to improve, the Adventurer bonus(for example resistance bonus like 25% or 50% or something like that)...

Also need to lower the critical damage or chance for the duelers (they seriously high as they can get to close to 100k damage/fight)

We cannot do anything with the current union or gringo sets... You have to watch out for upcoming sets and buy them unfortunately... Nothing is free :(

Thanks Pimpa

Deleted User - 6799

I think we should move on to New Formula testing already, before Weekend, along with Skills based Distance penalty (similar to Structures but multiplied with Distance) then see how to balance/adapt the Item sets to them..

While doing that might as well give Golden mount set and/or Gringo Weapons to limited amount of people..

Here's hoping unique bonuses for buildings and walls.
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Deleted User - 297

pretty ridiculous how people make multiaccounts to upgrade their gear ...

Just report them, if it is not allowed here then they will suffer the consequences, if not illegal the multi account then the support will tell you and you can do the same thing... Stop complaining... ACT :D


Not making a formula in 2 months, starting to be pretty annoying, you just needed to nerf the leadership, or nerf the nuggets set, or if you dont want to nerf the nuggets set, come with new sets, both for tanks and damagers, that will make the nuggets set not that OP. We know the game its p2w, but, shooting like 80% hit ratio with union, and if you are a worker, hitting like 90% with the new formula, will make players quitting the game.
Players are pretty tired, playing a formula for like 1 month, where attackers doesnt stand a chance, just making players quit testing, and if you put a formula that it will be broken, more players will quit the game.

Deleted User - 6799

Pretty annoying indeed, how slooooow the things are going..

At least, finalize the Structure bonuses & Distance penalty and move them to Normal servers rather than waiting another 2 months for finalizing/adding other changes..

It surely will make the Battles somewhat interesting on its own.
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Deleted User - 5772

Pretty good incentives to motivate players to show up to battles. But, like with other things, you guys have overlooked the adventurer class. Players playing this class won't have a chance to win, so another category should be made exclusively for them - say, number of ghosts achieved.

Deleted User - 6799

^ Indeed.
Also Defenders are very likely to have the upper-hand. Especially Workers.

Btw, 4 battles a day seem a bit too much. At least remove the Large/Big one. Awesomia is Big anyhow.

Q1: Is it possible to win multiple categories?
Q2: Are those rewards "per battle" ?
Q3: No new formulas?

What happens if you don't survive 20 rounds though? :D
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Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Thanks for the observation. We have modified it to a smaller amount of a total rounds from all battles. The rewards are per contest, so the result of the 5 battles.

Deleted User - 6799

Aha, cheers.
The rewards are per contest, so the result of the 5 battles.
Well that sucks :p

I believe each person can win from 1 category only then..
And, I am assuming there won't be any other changes to the Formulas etc until this Contest ends.

On a side note, I wish "Fort kit" had better/up-to-date things inside.

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Deleted User - 8330

I think that adventures are very discriminated in fort battles. Even if it s not related to battle formula, I wanted to say my opinion.

Deleted User - 8330

I think that at Awesomia Event, there should be 6 winners.

Two first place, two second place, and two third place.

Each one for attackers and defenders.

because defenders will have a lot of more advantage because of the towers. :)


So, the way I look at this contest, and based on the last organized Awesomia battles:

Sem Título.png

To win one of the prizes one would need to have the attack always on the right side like the last time and:

The biggest amount of Dodged shots during all Awesomia battles:

Worker, full tank, on his tower.

The smallest amount of Missed shoots during all Awesomia battles:

Worker, full damage, on his tower.

The biggest amount of Passed out during fight (KO) during all Awesomia battles:

A bit random, since you can be top damage and have 0 KOs and the next day have like 7 or 8 KOs, but being full damage gives a head start.

So based on that, Adventurer receives no love, Attacker and Soldier feeling bad as well?


Is it possible by the rules to win 2 prizes? (smallest amount of missed shots and most KOs)

Is there any contigency in place so that we don't have again loopsided battles with more defenders than attackers like last time?