Restart of the Final Phase

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Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Dear players of the final phase,

due to technical problems and missing fairness regarding cross-team trading before the start of the final phase, we decided in consultation with the team leaders to restart the final phase and to annul the five previous battles. Therefore, this week no further battles will take place.

The IFBC will continue next week, we will publish a new schedule at the Calender Page soon. Starting with tonight, we will disable the market temporarily and remove all set items from all players (but no buffs, no yields, no weapons from the traders etc.) during the weekend. Afterwards, we will provide them with their starting equipment again.

We know that this is a big cut and we are very sorry for all emerging circumstances, but we strongly believe it's a mandatory to step to make the final stage of this year's IFBC fair again and to determine a well-deserved winner.

Thank you for your understanding.
Your The West Team
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