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International Gold Rush V2


Event Coordinator
Community Manager

Quick, quick, quick - Hurry!

Do you miss our Gold Rush event? We have brought the next to you, the International Gold Rush 2.0! The fast with the mind and quick on the draw need only apply!

For a period of 27 days, you will be able to access a world where everything is in fast forward mode. Now there is a slight catch, the times it takes to duel and do jobs, fort battles and quest requirements - these stay the same. The amount of cash, experience points, travelling will be enhanced for you benefit. This will allow you to level up quicker, purchase items quicker, find products to finish quests quicker etc.

This event has very specific event rules, which differ from the regular gameplay. Please read them carefully at the bottom of this announcement!

General settings

Server settings:

  • Start: 2023-04-13 (between 12:00 and 16:00 CEST)
  • End: 2023-05-10 14:00 CEST
  • Premium settings: All premium functions are active.
  • Anyone can join the server.
  • Bank transfer: Disabled
  • Traveling fair: Inactive
  • Town settings:
    • Towns can be left: Inactive
    • Trading: Not possible
      Please see event rules for more information.
    • Alliances: Allowed
  • Special quests:
    • We have created special quests for crafting, so you will be able to craft items without having to trade with other players.
    • For this event certain quests have been modified. Those that require a third party craft will instead require the ingredients for that craft.
    • Every player will have access to all professions' quests.
    • If a crafting recipe has time limitations, so will the quest have.
    • In order to see a crafting quest you will be required to have the needed items in your inventory.
  • Event will take place on our International Event Server: https://www.events.the-west.net/
    • Server allows creating account before the event, but you will be able create character and login to the "Gold Rush" world only when event starts.
  • Money from jobs: +2000%
  • Experience points from jobs:
    • Level 1-75: +2000%
    • Level 76-120: +3250%
    • Level 121-150: +5500%
    • Level 151-180: +9000%
    • Level 181-210: +14000%
    • Level 211-250: +16500%
  • Luck at jobs: +500%
  • Drop chance: +500%
  • Speed: +2000%
  • Energy regeneration: +1000%
  • Health regeneration: +1000%
  • Work motivation: +800%
  • Duel motivation: +800%
  • Duel damage: +200%
  • Labor points: +200%
  • Cancel duel protection: 6 hour
  • Duel protection expires: 24 hours

Note: 0% is meant to be the basic value

UP SHOP Settings:

  • All items can be purchased with Nuggets, Bonds and Dollars.
  • All items have a 25% discount.


Individual rewards

Experience points:
  • 1. place: 2000 Nuggets + 20x Potion of Profound Wisdom
  • 2. place: 1500 Nuggets + 15x Potion of Profound Wisdom
  • 3. place: 1000 Nuggets + 10x Potion of Profound Wisdom
  • 4. place: 750 Nuggets + 5x Potion of Profound Wisdom
  • 5. place: 500 Nuggets + 5x Potion of Profound Wisdom

Most money in the bank:
  • 1. place: Choose any 10 items from El Gringo Set (or full set)
  • 2. place: Choose any 4 items from El Gringo Set
  • 3. place: Choose any 2 items from El Gringo Set

Special rewards:
  • 1. place in Duel ranking: 1000 Nuggets
  • 1. place in Fort Battles ranking: 1000 Nuggets
  • 1. place in Adventures ranking: 1000 Nuggets

Achievements points ranking:
  • 1. place: 2000 Nuggets
  • 2. place: 1000 Nuggets
  • 3. place: 500 Nuggets

  • A player can only win in only one of these categories. If a player guesses that they will win in more than one category, they can submit a support ticket 48 hours before the end of the event and state from which category they prefere to receive the reward. In case the player did not sent in a ticket in this regard, we will take in consideration the first best position (in the case of a tie, the priority of the ranking categories matter (top-to-bottom): Experience ranking being the 1st and Achievement points ranking the 6th). Of course, where a player is skipped, the reward goes to the next position.
    For example:
    if a player is top3 in 'Experience points', top1 in 'Achievements points' and did not write a ticket to define their preferred category, they will be rewarded for 'Achievement points' ranking.
  • Items information:
    • Every 'Potion of Profound Wisdom' gives 25% experience to your next level.
    • In case of 'Choose any X items from El Gringo Set' you may choose any X items from the El Gringo set. You may choose more times the same item.

Community rewards

  • 1st place in Town ranking: 500 Bonds + 100 Nuggets to all members and Speedy Gonzales title
  • The most cash in their town treasury: 100 Nuggets to all members

Event rules

  1. The general contest rules, game rules and the General Terms and Conditions apply to this server, together with additional special event rules during the competition period, which is between the start and end date of this special event, mentioned at the beginning of this announcement.
  2. These policies, descriptions and rewards are subject to change at any time without notice.
  3. The Gold Rush 2.0 server is a temporary world, please keep in mind that once an event has ended, character data will be lost without refunds or compensation being provided.
  4. Players breaking in-game or event rules can be banned permanently from the event.
  5. If you have been permanently banned, you do not have the opportunity to return to the event with another account.
  6. Participants who will receive an in-game permanent ban during the event will be disqualified and will not receive any reward, which will be awarded to the next highest position.
  7. As of the game rules, using scripts, bots and macros is prohibited, especially, but not limited to tools which automatically do jobs and/or find higher income jobs or provide an unfair advantage in another way. Players using such tools risk receiving a global ban, which will prevent them from participating in our upcoming events.
  8. Bank transfer is set to be OFF in the Gold Rush 2.0 world. There are prizes being awarded in the cash category and using the market to transfer cash will be seen as a rule violation and your in-game cash will be reverted to 0$ and the the involved accounts may get permanently banned. Any in-game cash placed in the town treasury of a town will be removed if the cash was gained illegally.
  9. Trading with players is disabled! Please note that we have created special quests for crafting items, so you won't need to trade with others to obtain them.
  10. Fort Battles: In order to keep the ranking fair, players are not allowed to declare spam Fort Battles for the purpose to make it impossible for their fellow players to participate in all the fights. In the event of a breach (which is determined by the support team), the support team reserves the right to terminate them and leave only one, if a prior support request is received from the players. The support team may impose a penalty on any player who has participated in declaring the spam / multi battles.
  11. Alliances: Are allowed, but there is no prizes for alliance categories in this event.
  12. Communication: You may use your own language in town profiles, fort profiles, your own profiles. We would like to urge you to use English in the Saloon chatrooms as this is a public room and we would like everyone to understand what is said in these rooms.
  13. Rewards:
    • 13.1. Rewards can be claimed to any market to an account which belongs to you.
    • 13.2. Nuggets rewards may be used on any world on that market, while for item rewards you will have to choose a specific world where you would like to receive them.
    • 13.3. Special 'Notes' apply under "Individual rewards".
    • 13.4. A player may win also in 'Individual' and 'Community' reward categories.
    • 13.5. Winners will be published on the forum at the latest 14 days after the event ends.
    • 13.6. In order to receive your rewards you will have to contact the Event Server Support Team through the support system after we publish the winners.
  14. Nugget usage policy:
    • The Gold Nuggets purchased during the event which were not utilized in its entirety during the event, can be transferred to the Player’s main account on their local market.
    • The Gold Nuggets received (e.g login bonus) during the event which were not utilized in its entirety during the event, cannot be transferred to the Player’s main account on their local market.
    • Any items purchased during the event are to be utilized exclusively in the event and cannot be transferred to the Player’s main account on their local market.
    • In order to request a transfer of the not utilized purchased nuggets, please contact our support team!
  15. Events (Easter) and Community events, including event questlines, won't be available on the server. Collected event currency won't be able to use.
  16. The player will not be removed from the town in case of a ban.
  17. Violations can still be investigated and punished after the server has been closed.

We are looking forward for your feedback here.

Thank you for playing The West!

Your The West Team