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International Gold Rush - The End


Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Dear Cowboys and Cowgirls,

The International Gold Rush event has ended. Taking this opportunity, we want to thank everyone for fantastic adventure and fair play game.

We would like to congratulate for all winners!
Players who gain the most Experience Points:
  1. Clay Clayton and bzolaa
  2. Doc Weber and rel1 and Vincenzo120
  3. pelirrojo follarin and Velier
Players that have the most Achievement Points:
  1. Horatio Lafitte and timmy o tool
  2. piet100 and Tryit
  3. mr black and SLimkiH
Player with the most cash banked on their character:
  1. Clay Clayton
Player with the most Duel Points:
  1. Dano
Towns with the most town points:
  1. London
  2. Western Titans
Town that has the most cash in their town treasury:
  1. Italia

A special thank you to all the players that took the time to participate in our event. We do hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed hosting it for you. We do hope that we will see you again in our future.
We have a surprise for all Gold Rush event participants. We have created a unique revolver that you can get on the world of your choice. The revolver will be distributed from September 25th, but you already can choose the world for which you want to receive this revolver.

Damage 1-10
+1,1 damage (per level)
+0,02 strenght (per level)
+0,02 mobility (per level)
+0,02 dexterity (per level)
+0,02 charisma (per level)
+0,16 dodge (per level)
+0,16 aiming (per level)
+20% more experience from jobs, duels and fort battles
+20% more money from jobs and duels

To receive your rewards please login to event support and let us know your game nickname, server name and language version.

See you soon!
Your The West Team