International Fort Battle Championship - Part 2 (IFBC, Part 2)


Hello keen players of The West!


We have exciting news for you today! We would like to announce the second official International Fort Battle Championship! Below, we have outlined the rules of the tournament as well as detailing how it will work. Stay tuned for more information regarding this prestigious event - coming soon!

The championship will be an International competition between teams. Each language server creates its own team, which will include fort battle leaders. (Minimum: 140 players; Maximum: 150 players). Each team needs to be able to fill a large fort with players for each and every match. The schedule of matches will be shown in the timetable.


Registrations to the event are now open until the 28th August 2017.
The event and IFBC, Part 2 world will open and start on the 11th September 2017.
Fort battles will start on the 28th September 2017.
  • Matches will be held for 10 weeks (Weeks 1 - 7: Group stage, Weeks 8 - 10: Finals stage)
  • Matches will be played from Monday to Saturday during each week. (Group stage: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Finals stage: Wednesday and Saturday)
Every match played in the group stages will earn points for teams as follows:
  • Match won by attacking team due to flag being captured: +1
  • Match won by attacking team due to all players being defeated: +2
  • Match won by defending team due to all rounds being played: +1
  • Match won by defending team due to all players being defeated: +2
Group stage:

All points will be counted by 11PM on the following day. A points table will contain information about every language server. In the case of a draw between two teams occurring with relation to the number of points owned by that team, there will be a play-off match.

Finals Stage:

The leading four teams at the end of the group stage will take part in a round robin of matches to be the best fort battle team in the world. Each team that progresses to this stage will play matches against the other teams involved. Points will be awarded for this stage in the same way as in the group stage.

Levels and Inventory:
  • Each Community Manager will prepare a list of representatives for their respective language server.
  • Each representative's character will have the same character Level, Cash, Duel Level.
  • Each representative's character can choose 1 of 3 available inventories.
  • Each representative's character can choose the character class and craft profession.
General Rules and Guidelines:
  • Players will be permitted to complete jobs and quests over the course of the tournament's duration. This is to ensure you can gather up some cash to purchase your own buffs for each fort battle.
  • Players will be allowed to buy and spend nuggets over the entire duration of the tournament.
  • Players must follow the official Game Rules at all times.
  • Players can participate only with 1 account.
  • Initiating fort fights before the agreed upon time will not be allowed. The tournament fort fights will be initiated only by the event co-ordinators (Da Twista / Etriel)
  • The draw for the Group stage will be chosen at random.
  • Please note that the event co-ordinators and community managers may change or cancel any aspect of the championship to prevent or circumvent any problems that may occur. They are the final arbiters of any dispute - their word is final.

First place:
  • Special title : Universal Fort Guru
  • Special item: Gold medal 2017
  • 300 nuggets
  • Fort battle clothing set
  • Fort battle weapons set
  • Fort battle animal set
Second place:
  • Special title : Galactic Fort Guru
  • Special item: Silver medal 207
  • 150 nuggets
  • Fort battle clothing set
Third place:
  • Special title : Planetary Fort Guru
  • Special item: Bronze medal 2017
  • Fort battle animal set
For all participants:
  • "Surprise" item
(Item set rewards and stats will be provided soon)
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Each player will have the opportunity to choose one of three preset inventories this time rather than having items from their regular world duplicated onto their event character like it was done in the first event. This is to create consistency and fairness among all players.​

Inventory 1:
Hombre's chest

John Wesley Hardin's chest

Skeletonman's chest

Shawnee's chest

Matoaka's set

Bill Doolin's horse and saddle

Black Bart's horse and saddle

Apache bow

Blackfoot axe

Western revolver

Inventory 2:
Pat Garrett's chest

Butch Cassidy's chest

John Rolfe's chest

Black Bart's chest

Scout's chest

Deadwood Dick's horse and saddle

John Rolfe's horse and saddle

Hombre's knife

Hombre's vampire colt

Hombre's sawed-off shotgun

Inventory 3:
Pat Garrett's chest

Detective's chest

Juan's chest

Francisco Pizarro's chest

Matoaka's set

Juan's romantic horse and painting

Frank James's horse and saddle

Bill Doolin's horse and saddle

Hombre's knife

Hombre's vampire colt

Hombre's sawed-off shotgun

All participants will receive these additional items:
Precise single shot rifle x1

Mate tea x 3

Liquid life x 3

Blue letter x1

Potion of a new beginning x1

Potion of Forgetfulness x3

Potion of Weakening x3

Can of spinach x5

Shining weapon oil x2

Hushpuppy x2

Ground rocket turtle shell x 3

3 day VIP Longtimer x3
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If you wish to participate in the tournament, all you need to do is fill out the following form so we can capture your data. Please note, all data is secure and will not be shared publically.

We will need to following information from you:
  • Your player name (As indicated on your local server).
  • Your email address (As reflected on your account on your local server).
  • Which server you are originally from.
  • Which one of the three inventories you wish to use.
  • Whether or not you would like to participate as a leader in the tournament.
  • The world on your local server you wish to receive your rewards.
Once you have filled out the 2 minute form and submitted it to us. We will be processing all entrants, the Community Manager will then assign leaders and contact them.
Once all 150 participants have been chosen, a list of these participants will be posted on the forum.
Furthermore, these participants will be contacted via email with information on how to gain access to their accounts once the world opens and the event begins.
Once the event has start, access to the event forum will become available where each team will have their own dedicated section they can use to discuss strategies.

>> Click here to enter into the International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2 <<
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How many skill/attribute points will I have?
Number of skill and attribute points depends on your character level. Your character level will be set to level 150, which means you have leveled up 149 times. This means that the character has 149 attribute points and 149 * 3 (447) skill points.

What about my Duel Level?
Every character will have the same Duel Level set to 0.

Can I have all my items in my inventory on my local server transferred to the event server?
No. Each player can choose between 1 of 3 preset inventories.

Can I work and do some quests?
Yes. Working jobs and doing quest is allowed.

What about my craft profession?
You can choose your craft profession, but you will start at a 0 crafting level.

Can I duel other players?
Yes. Duelling is encouraged in this event. The only time you may not duel other players is if your team has lost and been removed from the event.

Can I change my City/Town/Alliance?
No. You cannot change your town. Every team will have one town that can hold 150 players and one alliance. This may not be changed under any circumstances.

What time can I expect to have Fort Battles?
Approximately between 20:00 PM - 21:00 PM

Will the large forts have maximum building levels?

What about the towns?
Each team will be provided with 1 fully built town that can hold 150 members. Once the world is available, a leader from a team may found a town in their desired location. Once this has been done, we will upgrade the town to its maximum levels and allow the town to hold 150 members.

How will I get my login information for my character on the event server?
A player wanting to participate in the International Fort Battle Championship must provide their Community Manager with the exact same player name and email address as shown on their local server through the form provided. Once the registration has been done, the player will receive an email which then can be used to retrieve a new password and log into the event server.

All points will be counted by 11:00 PM on the following day. Will the points be counted after the fight, or the day after the fight?
One day after the fort battle has taken place.

What is the purpose of the leaders?
Leaders command, choose a team, decide who and when they will fight. If your team is defending - your team leaders will need to choose 120 players, and in the attack - 140 players. "Reserve" can have 10 players - everyone in a team may not have the opportunity to participate in every battle.

Are activities that have nothing to do with the progress battle, allowed on the international event server? Can we, for example, play the game normally? etc...
Nothing is off limits, you can play the game as per normal if you are not participating in an active fort battle and provided that your team is still in the event.

Can I choose my own character class / craft profession? Are we allowed to craft items?
The player may choose whichever class and profession they wish to use. Crafting is allowed but crafting levels have been set to 0.

What about the premium settings for the IFBC? Which advantages can be purchased with nuggets?
The IFBC world will be a full premium world without the option to purchase skill and attribute points.

Are there any differences from the IFBC 2015?
Yes, a few things have changed.
  • All players will now have a choice of 1 of 3 preset inventories to choose from.
  • The scoring system has changed slightly, no negative points will be issued in this event.
If I participate in the IFBC, will I lose my progress on my local server?
No. We are merely cloning your character's player name and email address to create a new character on the event server for you. Nothing on your local account will be touched.

Will there be a dedicated support team for the event server or will I need to contact my local support team if I have any problems?
Yes, the event server will be accompanied with their very own support system, moderation team and forum.

Who is going to choose the leaders of my team?
The Community Manager on your local server will be responsible for choosing your leaders. The maximum amount of leaders allowed is 10.

We had some issues with racial slurs due to the diverse amount of different races participating in the last event. What can I do if this happens again?
Under no circumstances will The West Team tolerate any form of racism on the event server. If you are a victim of racism, please use the appropriate report options found in the game to report these communication violations.

My team is out of the championship, what can I do now?
Unfortunately there is nothing left for you to do in the event other than watch fort battles. You may not interfere with other players still participating in the event i.e. Duelling.

What happens to my progress once the event has ended? Can I transfer my items over to my local server?
No. Any and all progress, be this currency or items will not be transferred over to your local server. Only special items awarded to a participant will be carried over to your local server.

Can I participate in Tombolas or any holiday event even the traveling fair on the event server?
All holidays events such as tombolas have been disable on the event server, this includes the traveling fair.

How do we select our 150 players?
Each team will have leaders allocated, these leaders in turn will then choose who they would like on their team. This will only be the case if there are more than 150 entrants per team. If there are less than 150 entrants per team, all members will be elected to participate in the championship.
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World Awesomia is now OPEN!!!

The International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! world is now open!

Please note, your characters have been created with a random password - no one knows this password (It is lost in the Matrix somewhere). To reset your password, please use the Change Password (click) link. Enter your username and email address and an email will be sent to you with further instructions. Once this has been done, you will then be able to log into your account.
If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junkmail folders.

I wish everyone the very best of luck in this event. May the best team win and of course, everyone having fun participating in this event with us!