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International Fort Battle Championship 4


Event Coordinator
Community Manager

This is the winning idea of Dan1el789, Contii, BlackWizard, Sancho, WLAN-Kabel and Don-Vallsy!
Howdy Fort Fighters,

It has already been 3 years since the last International Fort Battle Championship, and now it has come again! The 4th edition of the IFBC is brought by YOU, the lovely community of The West!

Reading time: 10-15 minutes

We advice you to make sure to cover "1. Stage: Eliminatory battles, Registration, Server settings and information, §2. Gameplay, §3. Team information" sections - this takes 3-5 minutes.
The structure of the Championship

  • There will be 2 Conferences (Northern and Southern) with at least 2 Divisions (Division 1, Division 2, etc) per Conference.
  • Teams will be randomly assigned to Conferences, then to Divisions.
  • The number of Divisions depends on the number of registered teams. A Division preferably will consist from 4-6 Teams.
  • In case of odd number of teams, some Divisions may have higher or lower number of teams, this will be also decided randomly.

1. Stage: Eliminatory battles
  • Each team will play all teams from the same Division as an attacker and a defender.
  • Each division will play one other division from the same and the other conference, the teams will either attack or defend in the battle.
  • The winning team in each battle will receive: 1 point per victory
    • Tie breakers: In case of a tie, we count which team played the fewest rounds in total to victory, counting only battles which they have won. If that is also a tie, then we check the fewest Health Point loss in percentage (%) among these battles.
  • At the end of this phase, teams will get ranked based on the total points achieved:
    • Rank 1-4: Division champions
    • Rank 5-7: Wildcard teams
    • Every other team gets eliminated.

2. Stage: Wildcard Round
  • Teams will play each other in the same Conference. Division champions will play against Wildcard teams.
  • Rank 1 team will not play in this stage, remaining 1st place at the end of this stage, as well.
  • Highest ranking team plays lowest ranking team for 5 battles, fighting for the following places:
    • 2. place: Rank 2 VS Rank 7
    • 3. place: Rank 3 VS Rank 6
    • 4. place: Rank 4 VS Rank 5
  • The higher ranking team elects whether to attack or defend in the first battle. After that the teams will rotate between attacking and defending.
  • Best of Five: The team which wins the most battles, will win the Wildcard Round stage.
    • If Wildcard teams win, they take the ranking of the Division champions team.
    • In case the Division champions win, they remain in the same place.
    • The losing teams will be eliminated.

3. Stage: Divisional Round
  • Teams will play each other in the same Conference.
  • Highest ranking team plays lowest ranking team for 5 battles, fighting for the following places:
    • 1. place: Rank 1 VS Rank 4
    • 2. place: Rank 2 VS Rank 3
  • The higher ranking team elects whether to attack or defend in the first battle. After that the teams will rotate between attacking and defending.
  • Best of Five: The team which wins the most battles, will win the Divisional Round stage.
    • Winner teams secure for the next stage the rank for which they have been fighting in this stage.
    • The losing teams will be eliminated.

4. Stage: Championship Game
  • Teams will play each other in the same Conference.
  • Highest ranking team plays lowest ranking team for 5 battles, fighting for the following places:
    • 1. place: Rank 1 VS Rank 2
  • The higher ranking team elects whether to attack or defend in the first battle. After that the teams will rotate between attacking and defending.
  • Best of Five: The team which wins the most battles will win this stage, and be the winner team of their Conference.
    • The 2 winning teams from each Conference, will fight for 1st and 2nd place.
    • The 2 losing teams from each Conference will fight for 3rd place.

5. Stage: Super Battles
  • Best of Seven: The losing team of each Conference from the 4. Stage will play against each other 7 battles for the 3rd place.
    • Winning team gets 3rd place.
    • Losing team gets eliminated.
  • Best of Seven: The winner team of each Conference will play against each other 7 battles for 1st and 2nd place.
    • Winning team gets 1st place.
    • Losing team gets 2nd place.
  • The team with the better win percentage (%) elects to start with attacking or defending. If win percentage (%) is tied, the attacker for the first fight will be drawn. After that the teams will rotate between attacking and defending.

Battle schedules:
  • All battles will be scheduled between 20:00 and 21:00 CEST.
  • The battle schedule will be published for each stage on the forum in max. 72 hours after the last stage has ended. The first battle will be scheduled at least 72 hours after the posting of the schedule.
  • Fort names will be changed to reflect the 2 teams which will play against each other.
  • Leaders will get Servicegrade general.png General ranking.
  • Teams leaders may reschedule battles:
    • We ask that team leaders communicate with each other and try to come up with the best possible time.
      • When the time has been decided, both leaders have to contact us to confirm the change.
      • Whenever this is not possible, one team leader can contact us and request the change.
        • In this case, we will try to contact the other leader and make an arrangement.
        • In case, the leader does get back to us in 48 hours, we will accept the other party's reschedule request.
    • Rescheduling is possible as soon as your battle schedule has appeared on the forum, but no later than 48 hours (72 hours in case only one team contacts us) before your battle time.
    • Battles will be declared 16-48 hours before the battle.
    • If a rescheduling request is accepted, it will be noted on the home page and the time will be updated in the schedule table.
  • Note: If a team wins 3 of 5 battles (or respectively 4 of 7), they will be declared winners, without organizing more battles.



Registration deadline: 2024-04-10 23:59 CEST
Important: You need to have an account on events.the-west.net.
You can register on the homepage your account between: 2024-03-25 and 2024-04-08, or after this dates by e-mail at west-ts@support.innogames.com.
Team size: 50-60 players
Leaders: 1 per team
You can have more leaders, but we require only one contact person.
Team leaders have to make sure to be able to respond within max. 48 hours if the support team contacts them with any issues.

You have 2 possibilities to register:
  1. Team registration: Make with other players a team
    You have to create your own team! Leaders have to contact the local support team and submit:
    1. All team members nickname on TS (events) server
    2. Leader name
    3. Accept more players: Yes, only same language speakers / Yes, any language speakers / No (If team is not full, do you accept more players to be assigned to your team?)
      Important! Please submit the nicknames which players use on events.the-west.net. Otherwise we are unable to register you to the event.
      Note: if you wish to make an international/mixed team you can register them at events support team.
  2. Registration without team: We will assign you to a random team
    • If you do not have a team, you can register and we will assign you a team. When doing so, please submit the following:
      1. Preferred language: (your main language/preferred market to play with)
      2. Languages known: (any other languages you speak at a communication level)
      3. Leader: Yes/No (if you want to lead the team)
    • Where to register? On the event support team: click here or send an e-mail west-ts@support.innogames.com
    • How we will create the teams:
      • First we will try to make teams with players from the same market/language version.
        • If that is not possible, we will try to assign you to any local teams which allowed for more players to join.
          • If that is not possible, we will try to combine players who may share knowledge of the same language.
            • If that is not possible, we will try to create mixed teams.
              • If that is not possible, we will try to assign players to an already existent teams independent of language.
    • Important:
      • This does not guarantee that we can find you a team.
      • If more players who want to be a leader have been assigned to a team, we will pick randomly one.
      • If there are no leaders, we will nominate one.

Team names: We will assign a short name for each team based on the origin country, plus a number (if there are more than one team from the same market). Mixed teams will have MIX code. Example: DE1, DE2, EN, MIX1, MIX2.
Important! There is no team limitations per country, any number of teams can participate.
Note: We will publish the teams and some more information 1-2 days before the event start. Leaders must make sure to read that announcement!


Practice and find a team!

We offer the possibility to practice for the IFBC 4 with the same settings on events.the-west.net!
  • Start: 2024-03-25 between 12:00 and 16:00 CEST
  • End: 2024-04-08 15:00 CEST
  • Registration: Anyone can join the server
  • Important! Special rules apply during this session, please read them here.
  • You can use this server to practice, help us test the IFBC 4, and find a team!


Server settings and information

World Settings
  • The event will run on events.the-west.net!
  • Start: 2024-04-15 between 12:00 and 16:00 CEST
  • End: Estimated duration 1 - 2,5 months, depending on individual placement
  • Multilingual settings: All languages supported in the game interface
    1. Go to Settings → Account → Change Language and select the preferred language.
    2. Then please re-login to the game from the main page for the changes to take place.

    General information:
    - You can change your language setting how many times you would like.
    - For the changes to take place you always need to re-login from the home page (reloading the page will not bring the desired effect).
    - After it was changed and re-logged, every text in the game should be displayed in the corresponding language.

  • Premium settings: All premium functions are inactive, except for VIP features.
  • Registration: Pre-registration required!
  • Championship system: NFL Schedule (WIKI)
  • Bank transfer: Inactive
  • Travelling fair: Inactive
  • Town settings:
    • Town limit: 60
    • Towns can be left: No
    • Trading: Only between town members
    • Alliances: Creating alliances is technically possible, but forbidden by the rules
    • Changing a team member: Possible, please see rules section
  • GM Town Shop: Has all available items
  • Events during the IFBC 4: Disabled
  • Starting level: 150
  • Tutorial quests: Finished
  • Fort information:
    • Fort type: Small
    • Attackers:defenders: 46 vs 42 OR 50 vs 44 (the exact ratio will be announced after the registration period ends)
  • Item upgrade: Forbidden by event rules
  • GM accounts to be dueled - you can duel anytime this NPC character to advance in quests:
    • Sheriff John NPC
    • Henry Walker NPC
    • Maria Roalstad NPC
    • Cortina NPC

Premium features
  • Automation: Active
  • Character Bonus: Active
  • Higher income: Active
  • More energy: Active
  • Higher speed: Active
  • Cash deposit: Inactive
  • Refill energy: Inactive
  • Product purchase: Inactive
  • Complete job instantly: Inactive
  • Halfway traveling time: Inactive
  • Travelling merchant change offer: Inactive
  • Immediate delivery (sell and buy): Inactive
  • Item upgrade: Inactive
  • Purchase skill and attribute points: Inactive
  • Placate Shaman: Inactive
World bonuses:
  • Money from jobs: 500%
  • Luck at jobs: 250%
  • Drop chance: 500%
  • Speed: 5000%
  • Energy regeneration: 300%
  • Health regeneration: 1000%
  • Cancel duel protection: 12 hours
  • Duel protection expires: 30 days
Starting Items
  • 3 month of VIP longtimer
  • 1.500.000$ per player
  • 1 Potion of a new beginning
  • 1 Saloon Box
  • 1 Chest with all recipes
UP Shop items
  • Potion of a new beginning
  • Potion of Forgetfulness
  • Potion of Weakening
  • Beginner’s Bag
  • Ratatouille with fish
  • Habanero chilis
  • Cobra teeth
  • Cossack saddle blanket
  • Gold-plated cogwheels
  • Every country belt


Special event rules

§1. Applied rules
  1. The general contest rules, game rules and the General Terms and Conditions apply to this server, together with additional special event rules during the competition period, which is between the start and end date of this special event, mentioned at the beginning of this announcement.
  2. These policies, descriptions and rewards are subject to change at any time without notice.
  3. The IFBC 4 server is a temporary world, please keep in mind that once an event has ended, character data will be lost without refunds or compensation being provided.
  4. Players breaking in-game or event rules can be banned permanently from the event. In some cases the player may receive a warning temp-ban.
  5. If you have been permanently banned, you do not have the opportunity to return to the event with another account.
  6. Participants who will receive an in-game permanent ban for breaking the event rules or are replaced by their leader for inactivity (see section §3) during the event will be disqualified and will not receive any reward, which will be awarded to the next highest position.
  7. If the player wishes to resign from the event, has to contact the customer support. This is equal with disqualification.
§2. Gameplay
  1. As of the game rules, using scripts, bots and macros is prohibited, especially, but not limited to tools which automatically do jobs and/or find higher income jobs or provide an unfair advantage in another way. Exception makes a special list of scripts tolerated only for this event:
    While we do not recommend using any scripts, because InnoGames has no control of their source code, players will be using these on their own risk, without being punished:
    • TW-Inventory Reloaded
    • TW Cloth Cache
    • TW Cloth Calc
    • Westforts Import
    • The West Fortbattle Tool
    • TW Essentials
    • Tchat
    • TW Sectors Name
    You may also use https://fortbattles.online/ and https://www.westforts.com/ sites to have better overview. Please note these pages do not belong to InnoGames, we are not responsible for its content.
    Please make sure to disable/delete any other script! You may get banned for having it installed, even if you do not use it. If the script is not in this list, you should not have it, otherwise you will get banned.
  2. Players must not use upgraded items! If you notice someone playing with an upgraded item, please report to the Support Team.
  3. Declaring Fort Battles is prohibited! All battles will be declared by the Support Team.
  4. You may join only your team's battles! Players who join another team's battles should receive a Servicegrade traitor.png Traitor rank from the leaders.
  5. Events (e.g. Easter) and Community events, including event questlines, won't be available on the server. Collected event currency won't be able to use. Some temporary questlines can appear.
  6. Communication: You may use your own language in town profiles, fort profiles, your own profiles. We would like to urge you to use English in the Saloon chatrooms as this is a public room and we would like everyone to understand what is said in these rooms.
  7. In order to keep the battle balanced, we have same level limitations:
    • Week 1, 2, 3: Player registration for Fort Battles only with Level lower than 151
    • Week 4, 5, 6: Player registration for Fort Battles only with Level lower than 152
    • Week 7, 8, 9: Player registration for Fort Battles only with Level lower than 153
    • Week 10, 11, 12: Player registration for Fort Battles only with Level lower than 154
    • Week 13, 14, 15: Player registration for Fort Battles only with Level lower than 155
    • Week 16, 17, 18: Player registration for Fort Battles only with Level lower than 156
    • Level reduction:
    We offer a one time level reduction in case you exceed by mistake the level cap. We will remove exactly 1 level.
  8. Violations can still be investigated and punished after the server has been closed.
§3. Team information
  1. Each team must have between 50-60 active players during the event.
  2. Teams can replace players that are inactive, if they can name a replacement player who isn't participating in the event.
    • 2.1. In this case, the new joiner will start at level 150 and will receive the character class and inventory items of the replaced player.
    • 2.2. A player is considered inactive, if:
      • they haven't logged in for 5 days, OR
      • they have missed/refused to participate in the last 3 battles, OR
      • they have resigned from the event.
    • 2.3. Only the team leader can contact us with the replacement request.
    • 2.4. Banned players cannot be replaced.
    • 2.5. Important! A replaced player gets disqualified from the event.
  3. Teams can be disqualified if:
    • Less than 50% of the team participate in a battle.
    • They try to influence the outcome of the event (e.g. push another team to win).
    • No leaders remained and no one is willing to accept to be a leader.
    • More than 30% of the players have been permanently banned for breaking the rules.
  4. If a team gets disqualified, all players' accounts will be banned.
  5. The player will not be removed from the town in case of a ban.
  6. When a team gets eliminated:
    • They can stay and watch others playing.
    • It is forbidden to: Duel any player who is still participating in the championship and influence by communication (e.g. miss information spread, toxicity or any other kind of strategic communication) the participating teams..
      • We advise players to make sure they have duel protection to avoid these situation at all costs.
    • Breaking these limitations will result in immediate disqualification. If more players from the same team participate in this activity, the whole team will get banned from the server, however those who haven't participated in this activity will will still be eligible for the participation reward.
    • Eliminated players can do jobs, do quests, duel NPC and other eliminated players, play adventures.

§4. Rewards
  1. Rewards can be claimed to any market to an account which belongs to you.
  2. Nuggets rewards may be used on any world on that market, while for item rewards you will have to choose a specific world where you would like to receive them.
  3. Winners will be published on the forum at the latest 14 days after the event ends.
  4. In order to receive your rewards you will have to contact within 30 days the Event Server Support Team through the support system after we publish the winners.

§5. Nugget usage policy:
  1. The Gold Nuggets purchased during the event which were not utilized in its entirety during the event, can be transferred to the Player’s main account on their local market.
  2. The Gold Nuggets received (e.g login bonus) during the event which were not utilized in its entirety during the event, cannot be transferred to the Player’s main account on their local market.
  3. Any items purchased during the event are to be utilized exclusively in the event and cannot be transferred to the Player’s main account on their local market.
  4. In order to request a transfer of the not utilized purchased nuggets, please contact our support team!


Winners and Rewards

Second place

Silver Eagle
Fort battle clothing set
200 Nuggets
Special achievement: IFBC4 Silver​

First place

Golden Eagle
IFBC 4 Ring
Fort battle clothing set
Fort battle weapon set
Fort battle animal set
300 Nuggets
Special achievement: IFBC4 Gold​
Third place

Bronze Eagle
Fort battle animal set
100 Nuggets
Special achievement: IFBC4 Bronze​

Participation reward

We will also reward every participating player and team with a special price, no matter if you
reach the tournament phase and when you get kicked out of the championship.


Feedback and Questions
Should you have any questions or feedback, please share it in the discussion thread.

We kindly ask every participant to contact us with any requests or if they encounter any problems, and to report any rule-breaking to our Support Team. Please be advised that most violations (like duels, using upgraded items) can be only identified if you report it. If you do not report it, it is very likely that we won't take any actions.

Have great battles during the IFBC4!

Your The West Team
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