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IFBC 4 Practice


Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Howdy Fort Fighters,

We offer the possibility to practice for the IFBC 4 with the same settings on events.the-west.net!
  • Start: 2024-03-25 between 12:00 and 16:00 CEST
    If you do not have an account, you will be able to register after the server is open!
  • End: 2024-04-08 15:00 CEST
  • Registration: Anyone can join the server
  • You can use this server to practice, help us test the IFBC 4, and find a team!
  • We strongly recommend to join also to look for a team or recruit members!

Team organized battles
  • Some days we will have battles organized by the support team.
  • We will reserve some forts for this, please never attack forts belonging to the Admin Town.
  • Participating in these battles in optional and help us with testing some possible new fort limits; but if you do, please respect the instructions of the admin team (if there are any). Not doing so may result in getting banned.
  • The battles will have $50.000 reward.

Practice battles
  • You may ask dedicated battle, with joining restrictions.
  • To do, one player should send us:
    • Exact time of the battle
    • Defender town
    • Attacker town
    • In which fort (if you own one)
  • If you do not own a fort, the battles will be organized in forts owned by the Admin Town.
  • Please send your request at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled battle time.
  • Important! It is your responsibility to organize practice battles between already existing teams. We only offer the possibility to restrict other players from joining it.

Special event rules and information
  1. The general contest rules, game rules and the General Terms and Conditions apply to this server, together with additional special event rules during the competition period, which is between the start and end date of this special event, mentioned at the beginning of this announcement.
  2. Rules of the IFBC 4 apply.
  3. The IFBC 4 Practice server is a temporary world, please keep in mind that once an event has ended, character data will be lost without refunds or compensation being provided.
  4. There will be no rewards for this server.
  5. Every setting is the same as will be on IFBC 4. Exception:
    • You will start with level 1 character and you have to finish the tutorial. You will get very high XP bonus which ensures to reach level 150 in under less than 80 x 15 sec jobs.
    • Town can be left
    • Town limit can be modified to 60 if the founder contacts us on support.
    • There are no level restrictions.
    • You may have your own forts and declare battles (except forts owned by Admin Town).
  6. Fort Limits may be changed during this server. Whenever is changed, a prior announcement is made here.
  7. You may join with a different character to test out another character type. Please make sure to first request the deletion of your old account, then you can register with the new account.
Feedback can be shared here.

Your The West Team


Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Hey everyone,

Just to recap what we offer you to help you in this practice server:

  1. After you have a fort, you can request from us to modify the building levels as you wish.
  2. Town limits can be modified to 60. Also buildings can be upgraded. Please contact us to do so.
  3. You can ask practice battles (see original announcement)
  4. You can ask your declared battle time to be modified.
  5. If you believe you need help with anything else, always feel free to contact us on Support.
  6. Please feel free to contact anyone from the team with questions. If you need my assistance you can reach me on the support, by requesting the ticket to be assigned to me.
All requests have to be submitted in a support ticket! We do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a good practice!

Your Organizer Team
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Event Coordinator
Community Manager
Some clarifications:
  • You can use Waupee items (but in IFBC4 they will not be in the town shop, so they will be limited).
  • You can use Golden Set and Shiny items.
  • Upgraded items are forbidden to use for jobs, adventures, duels, Fort Battles. You may use it for quests if they ask for it.

We have added 2 new items to the SHOP (they will also be in the IFBC4):
  • Sturdy shoulder stock
  • Sturdy barrel