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IFBC3 - The End!


Dear all Fort Fighters!

Our third edition of the International Fort Battle Championship has come to an end and without further ado we are now announcing all the winners of this year's competition!

1. Place
Team Italy

2. Place

Team Romania

3. Place
Mixed team #1 - Greece + Italy

Congratulation to Team Italy for winning the competition!

This edition is now over! Thank you everyone for the have joined us also this year! We were able to see amazing battles between the best fort fighters of our communities! Don't forget to leave your feedback about this year's competition!

The rewards to all the winners and participants will be granted in the next weeks.

Please, in order to help us in this process, send a ticket to the event support as soon as you can, giving us all the information that we need to know where you'd like the rewards (Your nickname on local server and Name/Numer of the server. - e.g Kuro90 - EN13 Arizona). Then your local Community Manager will assign the rewards on your home server.

Thank you again!

Your The West Team!