Smoking guns - PvP championship - The End

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    Dear Cowboys and Cowgirls,

    The last bullet of the event has been shooted and the PvP championship has ended!
    We want to congratulate to all the participants, but sadly only few will be crowned has winners!

    Winners categories:

    The smokiest gunslingers! - Dueling ranking

    1st place: Doc Weber - 2000 Nuggets + special piece of avatar
    2nd place: Tekla Badarzewska - 1500 Nuggets + special piece of avatar
    3rd place: gate13hooligan - 1000 Nuggets + special piece of avatar

    The Survivor! - The biggest positive difference between won and lost duels

    unwetterchen - 500 Nuggets

    A safe place to live! - Town with the most duel points

    Business as per - 500 bonds for every town member

    Again, thank you to all the players that spent their time to participate in our event! We hope you have enjoyed it and we hope to see you again in future events as well!

    Lastly, we have a surprise for all the gunslingers! We have created a unique dagger that you can get on a world of your choice. The dagger will be distributed from 22/04/2019, but you already can select the world where you want to receive this weapon (avatar parts for winners will be distributed later).

    Malachite dagger (Melee weapon):


    Damage: 1-10
    +1.1 damage (per level)
    +0.02 strenght (per level)
    +0.02 Mobility (per level)
    +0.02 Dexterity (per level)
    +0.02 Charisma (per level)
    +0.16 Toughness (per level)
    +0.16 Reflex (per level)
    +20% increased luck
    +20% increased drop chance

    To receive your rewards please login to event support and let us know your game nickname, server name and language version. (Example: John - Dakota - English)

    See you next time!
    Your The West Team
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