combat program for country Romania



Romania is disadvantaged by this program , because we have 5 fights on the weekend and only one during the week.

The program must be egal for each country with 3 fights on the weekend and 3 during the week.

For example , Slovakia have 5 fights during the week in our Group A and us only 1

You must change this program the be echitable for each country !!


A lot of people work in the weekend also,even evenings.On Saturday night we have the lowest attendance of online people.So yes,it is a big problem for Ro.Usually people go out on weekends or leave for a city break,so it's normal to have low attendance.In the week even if people work,most can still be online.
Overall,it should be fair and everybody should have similar nights,I saw a country has only one fight on a weekend.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention and sharing your opinions with us.

I will have this looked into for you and if there are any viable changes that can be made - we will try our utmost best to action them.


Thank you for looking into it.We are not trying to be difficult or anything,just trying to hopefully achieve something here :).


Okej, let´s get it started :)

Firstly, Romania, I don´t care, I understand your goals, but everybody wants to do the best and if you try it this way, I´m so sorry :) every team here absolutely respect all the rules set by co-ordinators except you. I don´t understand why you´re trying to change what is done only because of your disadvantage or discomfort (if I can call it like this of course, because having battles during weekend is a big advantage for you), even if every team is equal and just have to accept? Everything was set randomly, I hope. Every team woud do it also, but they didn´t. Why? Just think about it.

Secondly, dear co-ordinators, I understand that you´re trying to go everything smoothly, but it´s unfair not only to Slovakia, but to all participants. We made a plan, not just Slovakia ofc, and it was damaged by one crying Romanian man :) If we started complaining, would you also understand?

So I would like to ask you to bring everything back, as it was set before. Thank you :)

Also thank you, fortfighter, for expressing your opinion and other Slovak people :p
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Slovakia and romania complaining is extremely funny given they're one of those who did get friendly battles for what I recall. So unfair is only unfair when it's unfair to you guys? :D