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  1. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    I agree with you guys, to be honest, the OLD damage formula could work with a little bit of work on the distance penalty - maybe manipulating damaging or just as i said ×2.0 on it and also the new resistance which would give a little bit better stats for tanks with premium sets versus the...
  2. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Quote "For the record, the distance malus has always been distance^1.2 In the Wiki it is listed as a table of integers, which is misleading. Since the malus with distance * 1.6 on large distances would be even better than the old formula, I rather assume that the new formula is distance^1.6...
  3. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    And yes it already exists, but it can now ovveride 15+ distance, so it's worth blocking sectors and having the bullets to go to the tower 20-25 away.
  4. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    But i don't have a beta character so i couldn't tell you there.
  5. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Hey Raider, i think the penalty is for Aiming(attack), not damage.
  6. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    that's pretty much doesn't matter, it's more realistic then lvl0 murris running around with dumb builds - such as full leadership now lol. Raider speak up about changing the formula already :D you are always the loudest buddy :p
  7. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    I'm not trying to complain but we already should be trying out other formulas, this one isn't good it's obvious. Try to delete /10 in hp (as someone already pointed it out before) and let's try that :D We are just wasting each other's time with this. Also i wasn't online yesterday but even the...
  8. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Not tryna spam but lmao I'd hire myself on the spot! % resistance would be the best thing to happen to this game. If someone today were to be able to level up his gear or buy premium tank stuff he would have the opportunity to "stomp" these damage dealers with like 20-30% resistance, while...
  9. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    You should never make step-backs/nerfs in this game. This isn't a moba with hundreds of champions, roles in fortbattle are pretty obvious and strict. You should only consider buffing forts, rebuild fortbattle map, buff tanks, potential resistance being % per hit. I don't know if anyone from the...
  10. Feedback IFBC3

    I demand Italy to be grouped as 'Watchers' starting from 23:59 today as "Interaction of any type between the Watchers and the Players participating on the Championship, such as trading of items, dueling or even engaging in adventures with the Players, are not allowed " And they are no further...
  11. IFBC 3 - discussion

    This change will destroy normal server attacks, so be happy it's not implemented here. from 0,86 ratio to 0,937
  12. IFBC 3 - discussion

    i get the idea, but it's just not really the case most of the times.
  13. IFBC 3 - discussion

    Not crying this time: Why can an adventurer ghost after being hit five times? :D I'd love an open look in the calculation of adventurer bonus cuz I don't believe in wiki and fights anymore.
  14. IFBC 3 - discussion

    But the devil never sleeps ;)
  15. IFBC 3 - discussion 1am and he is still hitting us, please follow the rules.
  16. IFBC 3 - discussion

    We reported a rule break regarding batory-san attacking us as a slovakian team member. He was reported immediately but kept on duelling, and he is still in the game, can you please act accordingly? Thank you for your work, Aston*
  17. IFBC 3 - discussion

    @CEROVIN nobody cared when we played on may 1st.
  18. IFBC 3 - discussion

    Fun fact: We played our last battle on may 1st and it was national day as well :D So respect your own days CEROVIN
  19. IFBC 3 - discussion

    Thank you for the information!
  20. IFBC 3 - discussion

    How do you implement winning defense ? so if i win the defense and the attack it counts the same as if i only win the attack before them? edit: and the flag