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  1. Feedback International Fort Battle Championship 4

    "As the leader of the team DE1 it's very funny to see my team as one of the big favourites :D" - ChRiStOpHeR...... Chris, chill. Your team is nowhere near good enough to make it to quarter-finals, hence all the drama about what qualifies as pushing, and all these things being tolerated for your...
  2. Feedback International Fort Battle Championship 4

    How come we didn't think of that.... I also demand an apology for being treated like a 6 years old. But I can live without one too, don't worry. Also, you'd better explicitly add a "no bear or weak weapons / clothes in tournament battles" so we can move on with our lives and get the bears ready...
  3. Feedback International Fort Battle Championship 4

    Did you even read this? I mean... Why is DE1 still playing if this is illegal? HOW is this illegal? 6th of May I complain about the same thing and nothing happens. Now, it's all of the sudden an issue. Now what I don't understand is what is your assumption: that I can't read? That I don't see...
  4. Feedback International Fort Battle Championship 4

    pursue* One could say this bear fight qualifies as pushing. I am not. I am saying it would be fair to give the rest of the teams the chance to do the same. My team would happily volunteer as a sparring partner. And I think so would RO1, especially as there's a mistakenly dug battle at PL2 vs RO1...
  5. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    Some points. Activity/levels: What is the purpose of activity in this game? the more active a player is, the higher the chance that he'll spend nuggets on the game. I agree with that. You give VIP for everybody. Perfect. Then why force them to be active? Level 150? Sure. But CAP it at level 150...