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  1. Classic Event World - discussion

    Please enable some kind of movement speed buff or at least enable speed premium function. Riding around the map is not a fun part of the game and the lack of speed set paired with only one month of playing on this server puts way too much emphasis on moving from A to B.
  2. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    As a strong attacking set is coming in the next event, I would like to know if the set is kind of a "counter-balancing" act to the buffed towers and higher range malus. So an update about the next steps or the timeframe in which changes are pushed to live servers would be great.
  3. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    This might be working on the IFBC server where everybody is 100 % skilled for fort battles. But it will also make it extremely frustrating for lower levels and people who are skilled on construction or whatever, because they will not hit anything. I´d rather tune down the damage per hit instead...
  4. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Distance malus was definetly pretty noticeable.
  5. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Please give every IFCB participant a new starter chest as most of us have given away a lot of their stuff.
  6. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Oh goddamn, I think my brain was already processing the formula instead of reading the last paragraph :/
  7. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Can we use this server to test the new formula ?
  8. Feedback IFBC3

    I agree with the feedback of RaiderTR and aamgdp. The most remarkable thing about this IFBC was the disbalance of attack and defense and the overpoweredness of damage dealers. Also the RNG of the adventurer bonus led to a few really frustrating situations. Personally I think that upgrading of...
  9. IFBC 3 - discussion

    CMs of other servers probably have the same options. On German worlds, there are now different numbers for different servers. After a testing period, players could vote whether they want to go back to the old numbers or keep the new ones. 49-48 ended in a win for the attack yesterday. It was a...
  10. IFBC 3 - discussion

    On some German worlds it was recently changed to 50-48 and both fights we´ve had so far ended in a shootout for the attack. The quality of the battles has improved significantly compared to the IFBC though.
  11. IFBC 3 - discussion

    May 1st was a holiday everywhere.....
  12. IFBC 3 - discussion

    Thank you for the clarification.
  13. IFBC 3 - discussion

    In my town, there is some confusion if it is allowed to duel players from teams, who are also already out of the tournament. I mean, there is no harm in duels between spectators, right ?
  14. IFBC 3 - discussion

    The sets are probably here to stay even if we all agree that the game was more fun when it was more about skill and less about money. But it is absolutely justified to talk about balance changes in fort battles. Fixed bonus stats for defenders, buffs to towers and walls, percentage-based...
  15. IFBC 3 - discussion

    If you take a look at the westforts stats, the newer .net worlds are the only worlds with regular medium/large battles going on. Small battles are the only sustainable battles for most servers and worlds, and the player count has been steadily decreasing over the years. The metagame is...
  16. IFBC 3 - discussion

    Maybe it would be a good option to allow global trading for non-set items ?
  17. IFBC 3 - discussion

    Can you already give a final answer to the question if everybody will recieve character premium once the fortbattle phase has started ?