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  1. Feedback International Fort Battle Championship 4

    How many teams a servers can have?
  2. Provide your feedback for IFBC 4

    No it was not, DE had a fort event with basic clothes, was a total success, we had an event with basic clothes, total success, if you didn't play this type of event, just shut up.
  3. Provide your feedback for IFBC 4

    2.5 months? Players will get bored in 2 weeks, the tournament is ok as it is, but 2.5 months, too much +1 Bomba , if its clicky people will get bored and stop log in after 1 week.
  4. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    C is the best onen by a mile, but I voted B for mediums fort, if I remeber correctly IFBC 1 was at big fort, and next 2 were at the small forts? So not a medium if I remember correctly.
  5. Feedback International Gold Rush V2

  6. Feedback International Gold Rush V2

    Duels is about xp or win/loses?
  7. Feedback International Gold Rush V2

    Can someone answer the damn tickets? I didnt even made level 2, i just log in into the world and got banned,..
  8. Feedback International Gold Rush V2

    Yeah you got banned for using Gold Jobs Finder( get it ) , but why to get banned using tw calc that show you what mission you had done :)))
  9. Feedback International Gold Rush V2

    I didnt use anything, I hit 15 seconds 4 times, and got afk after , didnt do any silver jobs or anything like that.
  10. Feedback International Gold Rush V2

    Like always, the west the definition of TRASH , I Log in, level 1 and get banned for nothing :)))) , I hit like 15 seconds 4 time, afk for 2 hours and ban. You can not use the tw calc? Thats a fucking free script :))) :)
  11. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Waste of time here, nothing will change because of lazyness, just improve tower and walls bonuses :)).
  12. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Better old formula and put some new sets for tanks and damagers that will make union and other stuff not that op. I am tired playing with murrieta for like 2 years (DOTD 2018), so start puting some sets for tanks and damagers.
  13. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    So after 3 months, do we have a formula? :rolleyes:
  14. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Not making a formula in 2 months, starting to be pretty annoying, you just needed to nerf the leadership, or nerf the nuggets set, or if you dont want to nerf the nuggets set, come with new sets, both for tanks and damagers, that will make the nuggets set not that OP. We know the game its p2w...
  15. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Nerf Towers with 50% now, Increase HP penalty and there you go. You have The Best formula for ff.
  16. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    The towers were ok when The bonus was not that much increased, if you nerf damage and increase resistabce. You can not make a soldier dodge 30 rounds.
  17. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    How its possible that a soldier with 21k stay 14 rounds on a tower in front of 30 people, this formula its more bad than the previous one. Just nerf the leadership, it s just simple, not going to work that everyone shooting with 900, a worker with 10k dodged 120 shots yersterday, this is unbearable.
  18. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    Hi guys, I m just putting here my opinion. Soldier, livigston and zapata weapons. 14k hp 570 aiming 651 hiding 647 leadership . You shot at paapaa32 and caused 931 damage! hm, this shocked me a lot and on attack i make more damage. Shooting at a soldier or worker with this type of damage...