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  1. Feedback International Fort Battle Championship 4

    Hello, You said "You can use Golden Set and Shiny items." We can use Golden set at IFBC 4 too? Or only at Practice?
  2. Provide your feedback for IFBC 4

    Starting level: 150 So 150 will be the max level? We can't use the Waupee clothes and weapons from town :( :(
  3. This will be your final submission! It can't be modified! IBFC 4 - Rules

    @Syntex I receive the participation win? you said: https://forum.events.the-west.net/index.php?threads/contest-design-the-ifbc-4-event.52440/post-57065 Thank you!
  4. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    I think the admins adjust the rules event if win version C. As you said, I prefer to have level 250 and the specific sets. But I think that even with items bought from the city it will be fun. It depends on what the admins choose and how they want this grandiose IBFC 4 event from the 2024 year.
  5. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    If version C wins, I hope the rewards will be more valuable, powerful and unique. Good rewards for a Championship like this, IBFC 4 2024. And why we must make exp to raise level?! At verion C says experience 100%. The experience bonus will be so low. Then we make very hard at least 1 level to...
  6. Results design event

    Who participated in the contest wins the participation prize?
  7. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    Version B seems much more accessible to me. I would like to use in the forts as soldier Bull/Leavenworth and not beat my head with tens of thousands of classic items how to combine. Let there be some basic sets.
  8. This will be your final submission! It can't be modified! IBFC 4 - Rules

    Hello, Thank you for the observation and let me reply to this. As I said, it will take 12 weeks and I made an Excel with 16 countries with participate in this IBFC 4. Week BATTLE - MATCH Date Date Time opponents Result Attacker Defender Attacker Defender match 1 26.02.2024...
  9. This will be your final submission! It can't be modified! IBFC 4 - Rules

    The structure of the Championship how battles will be organized: Will be organized two battles per day. Every time you battle against an opponent team, you will have two battles occurring at the same time. These two battles will be named “Circuit”. In one of the battles, your team will be...