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  1. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    We have to thank 110 guys right now for their vote for this idea. Thank you, we really appreciate it. :) See you soon at the international fort battle championship! Hopefully we have some great fights. Love you all.
  2. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    If you come with 42 HP Soldiers, you might end up not losing a single defense, but the probability of winning an attack then is slim to none. So you end up with a winning percentage of 50%. So look at what the playoffs enforce with the mode best of 5: other teams will force you to play attacks...
  3. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    In C you have no upgrades at all, it is prohibited. So you won't have to click that much. Option C was held in a similar way last year on the German event world. https://www.westforts.com/de18/battles/battle/42486 It may be a consideration to give the attackers a slight advantage and increase...
  4. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    Hi @Mr.anonymus thanks for your feedback. I want to give some insights what parts of our thinking process looked like for creating our suggestion, which is C. We considered Level 250, but the issue with that is, health points grow faster than damage. So it would be difficult to win attacks. So...
  5. IFBC4 - Settings vote

    That we had in the IFBC3 and it was horrible, cause the attack hat around 35 leadership duelists and the defense was 40 health point soldiers with one or two health point adventurers. Basically determining the result on the maybe slight offense/defense imbalance. If you have to mix your team for...
  6. This will be your final submission! It can't be modified! IFBC IV

    Would Like to add that, it was a little late
  7. This will be your final submission! It can't be modified! IFBC IV

    Rules: The structure of the Championship how battles will be organized: We are adopting the NFL Schedule, the main advantage is, it keeps a lot of teams for a long time alive, everyone plays for something all the time. Like getting a higher seed or getting a wild card spot. NFL Schedule...