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  1. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    " We are now trying to improve the balancing in damage/resistance " you kinda forgot what was the purpose.... what started with a good intention " balancing " you managed to tear it into pieces and transform the testing into a competition , to atract people that aren't actually testing anything...
  2. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    the union officer set is not "up to date" ,it has no place in the game , it was a mistake to create it , please don't repeat that mistake to add it again on normal servers , its dmg is disgusting , and most players are already duelers , if now only a few have it it's already too much in some...
  3. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    i have 510 resistance with zapata , np hp in attack... with the new formula i'll have 416... it was already useless my build what;s the point to do this ? and for tanks it improves what ? 10points wow... please focus only on decreasing dmg and leave the resistance as it is