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  1. You should look for the record

    You should look for the record
  2. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    i like the changes in structure bonuses, they were too much before it's still unclear what you want to do with the damage formula, because the new one can't be implemented like this; i think the damage should go down seriously when your hp go up, and that's not the case with the new damage formula
  3. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    i think all 3 bonuses of towers are too high, not only class bonus; if you lower only class bonus towers almost "lose" their specificity for the 4 classes, and i don't like it in general all the work done with the various changes is quite good but some points (mentioned above in my previous...
  4. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    -damage formula is almost ok, but high HP players still make too much damage: increase the HP penalty in the formula tower bonus is too good (right now it is +72 +52 +45 in the small fort, and it used to be +24 +18 +15), i would lowered it a bit (maybe x2 instead of x3 that is right now)...
  5. Feedback New Fort Battle formula feedback

    full hp tanks indeed made way too much damage with the new formula, something must be correct to avoid that; no way that they have 515/520 damage per hit with 27000 hp with a 350-370 rifle the reduce of damage of full leadership it's quite ok, i would lower it again a bit
  6. Feedback IFBC3

    For the tournament a couple of things: -who lose the final should not play again (we are in a situation where they already beat them, it's plain stupid) -more equity between the teams, all mixed team had more players and more stuff to play with; that is simply non fair -it should be impossible...